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Some Profitable Jobs That Hire Felons

Are you looking for jobs that hire felons? There are many industries that are open and cool with hiring felons. Though it will not be easy, it is still quite possible to find these jobs. Acquiring a job as an ex-felon can be very difficult. Not only are the jobs that hire felons increasingly rare, […]

Could Your Business Use Job Costing?

I just got off the phone with a very frustrated contractor. He has been in business for several years, but his business has grown to the point that he knows he needs to keep a closer eye on his numbers. In fact, he said “I can’t sleep because I’m worried my reports are screwed up!” […]

Best Part Time Jobs for Students

Part-time jobs are the ones where you can work for fewer hours as compared to a regular job. You will be paid based on the number of hours you work. Students take these jobs so that they can get some extra funds while continuing their studies. Other then this these jobs help students in receiving […]